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KRFP currently has the following Podcasts:
Our Community Show interviews
KRFP Evening Report, a half-hour daily local news report for Moscow and the surrounding area.
Marijuana Fact or Fiction Podcast URL
"Special Events". Audio will typically include long segments (frequently unedited) from Moscow, Idaho, concerning matters of interest to the community.
Star Garden MoonWatch Intuitive Astrology.

Subscribing to Podcasts
My schedule doesn't allow me to hear the evening news and other special KRFP audio as it is broadcast. If you are like me, you can automatically have our new stories download to your computer by subscribing to our "Podcasts." I'll give an overview for those of you who are not familiar with this technology.

It's quite simple. You need a Podcast client (a Podcatcher), such as iTunes from Apple. You can download iTunes or find another Podcatcher that you prefer.

Then subscribe to the desired Podcast according to the instructions of your software. For iTunes, you would click the Advanced menu, then select "Subscribe to Podcast." To subscribe to the KRFP Evening Report, paste into the URL field. For our Special Audio, paste into the field.

Every time you start iTunes, the latest shows would download to your computer. You can add iTunes to your Startup menu so it starts automatically when your computer starts.

Help Creating Podcasts
Editing Podcast file with FeedForAll (flash animation)

To determine the size of a podcast (in bytes), copy the following URL and paste it into your browser's address field.

Replace the "1" with the file size as shown in My Computer, your Finder, etc.

Sample Code to Add to Head Tags:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="MoonWatch" href="">

Validate RSS files at


Email Radio Free Moscow, Suite 201, 116 E. 3rd St., Moscow, ID 83843
KRFP studio line 892-9200
KRFP business line 892-9300