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Welcome to the 2005 KRFP Archive

Moscow Planning & Zoning Commission

Public Input 8/10/05

Should educational institutions be allowed in non-residential zones (especially downtown)?

MP3 audio streamable from dial-up connections

Part 1 Download Stream 17 MB Joel Plaskon, B.J. Swanson, Rosemary Husky, Shelly Bennett, Roy Atwood, others. approx. 80 min.

Part 2 Download Stream 13 MB Bob Greene, Scott Bauer, Aaron Ament, Bob Heronymous, others. approx. 50 min.

Latah County Commissioners Info Meeting on National Forest Roadless Area Comments

recorded 12-8-05

Part 1 Lofi

Part 2 Lofi

Part 3 Lofi

City Council Public Hearing on Ordinance to Allow Schools and Educational Institutions in 7 Zoning Districts, including Central Business District

Recorded Mon., Dec 5, 2005

Part 1 20:00

Part 2 59:03

Moscow Civic Association 'Big Box Store' Forum

Recorded Oct. 24, 2005


Half hour highlights

Noam Chomsky in Pullman
See videostream on the WSU Web site.

League of Women Voters Debate on the School Bond

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

90 minute debate on the proposed school bond.
Download | Stream High Speed Connection

Download | Dial Up Connection (36kpps)
Be sure to vote Tuesday, April 26th, 2005


KRFP 92.5 live, call-in candidate forums for 2005 Moscow City elections.

We have invited candidates to one of five specific, one-hour forums where the candidates will have one minute each to answer questions phoned in by the public. These one hour forums will air at 6:30 pm.

Mon., Oct. 24 Invited: Dan Carscallen, Katherine 'Kit' Crane, John Dodson (4 year term, 3 seats open)

Oct. 24 2005, Call-in KRFP Broadcast : Kathrine "Kit" Craine, John Dodson, and Dan Carscallen(was unable to attend). (4 year term)

Download | Listen

Thu., Oct. 27 Invited: Anthony Georger, Evan Holmes, William 'Bill' Lambert (4 year term, 3 seats open)

0ct. 27 2005 Call-in KRFP Broadcast: Anthony Georger, William "Bill" Lambert, and Evan Holmes(was unable to attend). (4 year term)

Download | Listen

Tue., Nov. 1 Invited: Donald Meyer, Robert Stout, John Weber (4 year term, 3 seats open)

Nov. 1 2005 Call-in KRFP Broadcast: Donald Meyer, Robert Stout, and John Weber. (4 year term)

Download | Listen

Wednesday, Nov. 2 Invited: Aaron Ament, Walter Steed ( 2 year term, 1 seat open)

Nov. 2 2005 Call-in KRFP Broadcast: Aaron Ament and Walter Steed. (2 year term)

Download | Listen

Thu., Nov. 3 Invited: Mayoral candidates Herman Adona, Nancy Chaney, Peg Hamlett (4 yr. term)

Nov. 3 2005 Call-in KRFP Broadcast: Nancy Cheney, Herman Adona, and Peg Hamlett(was unable to attend). (Mayoral race)

Download | Listen

ASUI City Council Forum(recorded by citizen jornalist Joseph szasz):

Part 1: Download | Listen

Part 2: Download | Listen




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